Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Photopolymer Stamps? Different From Wood Stamps?

Our stamps are completely clear. While they print like traditional rubber stamps they have the added value of allowing you to see the area where you are applying the impression when used with clear blocks. Our Stamps resist yellowing and are made in the USA from high quality material.

How Do I Clean My Stamps?

If your photopolymer stamps need to be cleaned you can simply use your favorite stamp cleaner or just use soap and water. Another stampers secret is to simply wipe your stamp with a baby wipe after each use. Let the stamps dry before using them again and make sure all acrylic blocks being used with the stamps are also cleaned.

Will My Photopolymer Stamps Stain?

Photopolymer stamps are naturally more prone to staining than rubber stamps.  Dark Color Inks seem to be the worst for this so try to clean your stamps immediately after using them to avoid staining. 

How Do I Store My OAK Tree Stamps?
OAK Tree Stamps come in a cellophane bag, between two sheets of acetate. One of the sheets is conveniently printed with the stamp images. Keep your stamps in the cellophane bag in-between the two sheets when not in use. Store them indoors and don’t leave them sitting out in direct sunlight.

Are OAK Tree Stamps Made In The USA?

Yes we proudly manufacture our stamps in the USA

Can I Use You Stamps To Make Product To Sell?

Please refer to our Angel Policy

If you have any other questions for OAK Tree Stamp line please email us at



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